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We are a United kingdom based MOBILE AFRO HAIRDRESSERS and BEAUTY Agency. We provide client and staff a platform where they can connect with each other through our one of a kind online professional, secured and up to date website. We realise that there is a real demand for hairstylist, makeup artist and beauty services; clients are looking to get more home services. Hence, we are giving women the opportunity to work based on their availabilities whilst offering the very best customer care. We understand time is money and a lot of women work from home, study, some have kids; and most times don't even have 3 hours to travel to and fro a salon. Don't worry we are bringing the Salon to you, offering comfort, quality and affordability at the same time. This way you can work online, look after the kids and still get your beauty treatments any where in United Kingdom. Our online payment system was intended so you don't even need to leave home for CASH after service. All our staff are experienced and offer the best services, we only approve staff who meet our standard. Thanks for your co-operation.